Effectiveness of hand writing on the memory.

Don’t throw those notebooks out as yet!

Scientists have link the effectiveness of hand writing to memorization. Each time we hand write a word, or phrase it activates our memory to retain the information faster.

Yes, we live in a technology savvy world. Where we utilize tools such as google doc that makes note taking easier during lectures.
But, something about writing down information using a pen and paper is so much different.

The very act of writing activates your memory.

Writing down information works differently for everyone. Since we all understand things differently then writing down words, phrases or facts in our own interpretation help us with retaining the information.

Think about it, during a lecture you are actively listening to the professor speaking and while we can sometimes write what is being said verbatim. Our brain retains the information faster when we summarize it to our understandings.

One of the punishment I can recall back in my home country Jamaica as a students, was rewriting a phrase such as “I will not disobed my teacher again / I will listen to the instructions of my teacher” each child had to rewrite this phrase like 100 times. While it was a punishment for many of us. It was actually helping us with spelling, memorization and discipline.

Also, I do not recommend this method as a punishment ?! Trust me it’s the worst kind of punishment!

Today, teacher’s uses the methods like asking students to rewrite spelling words 5 times or more to help with memorization.

So why is handwriting so effective for memorization.

1) Helps students retain Information.

While writing on the computer makes thing easier.
It’s just not as effective as writing down a lecture in a notebook.

2) Keeps students focus and allow them to listen more.

Students are able to pay more attention to what is being said as they take notes or summaries main points in the lesson.

3. Help with Spelling

Rewriting phrases or words helps the brain retains the pattern of the words and which letter comes before another.

Don’t throw those notes books out!

Keep them and unitized them for studies and taking notes.

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