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Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is a great tool that allows students to double-tab on words and finds a definition in a small pop-up bubble. It also stores the history of the word so students can go back to the words and practice or even used these words in essays and writing assignments.


Distance Education/Learning has changed the way our students learn on a computer, they have to navigate from one screen to the next to complete assignments on their computers. Since many of our students aren’t equipped with a double screen for an easier transition. Split-screen extension is available to help with that,there are two split-screen google extensions that I want to share with you.


With this split-screen extension, you are able to narrow down the size of your screen based on what size you prefer. You can either extend one browser to 30% and another browser to 70%. Therefore, it’s up to the user and how much space they would like a browser or a document to take upon their computer screen.

Tab Rezised Split Screen Layouts

I genuinely like the tab resize split-screen layout because it gives you four options that you can split your screen into and it gives you a Horizontal and a Vertical angle to split the screen. The split-screen extension will do the work on its own to split the screen equally and it doesn’t give you a 30/70 size. Watch this video to learn more.

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly for Chrome fixes your spelling and grammar,  makes every sentence concise, improves your word choices and it also makes your work or your paper sound confident. This is a great tool for middle school students, high school students, and college students.

Auto Highlight

With the Auto Highlights, students are able to highlight documents automatically on a page so if they are reading an article and they are trying to provide concrete evidence to support their answers for an assignment. What they can do is use the Auto Highlight to highlight those important points so that when they go back to answering their questions they would have the information available.

Google Scholar Button

The use of the Google Scholar button extension will allow students to click on this button and it will automatically generate an APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, and Harvard citation. This is also great for our high school students and college students. 

Google Meet Grid View

Google meet grid view extension this button allows for a wider view or wider layout of all the participants in the Google meet.  

We hope that you found these extensions useful throughout distance education.


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