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Let’s Support Each Other !

Covid -19 has turn the world upside down. Many businesses are laying off workers, small businesses are closing and not to mentioned the fear of a recession cripple every single individual. What will happen a week or two from day? Will our economy recover from the plunge it’s facing right now ? How are first responders families dealing with the unsettling feeling of having an love one in the heat of the battle ? These are questions plaguing the minds of many. As the famous quote puts it “United we stand, divided we fall”. Let’s support each other. Let’s build together.

How can we unite together as a community and support each other.

Let’s start off with ourselves. When we are low, we send off low energy. When we are high we are able to send off high energy. First let’s work on ourselves.

  • Eat a balance Meal
  • Excerise
  • Turn the television off ( every now and then)
  • Take Deep Breathes

Let’s support our family. Checking in is very vital in this time. Talk to a family member, check in on your parents, grandparents and even friends. It’s the little things that counts. The little text messages like “Hi mom! How are you doing this morning?”, “Hi David! How are you holding up with the children?” . Let’s support each other during this time.

Let’s support small businesses. Las Vegas went dark on Tuesday. The famous Las Vegas Strip is now very gloomy and empty. The loud conversation are now silence, the late night parties are now cancelled. Small businesses all over are feeling the brunt of this nightmare. How can we help support our local businesses. We can start off by sharing the business with our friends, families and even on our social media pages. Get the message out to as many people. We can support through donations, and purchasing from the small business online store. Let’s support each other!

While we are staying in door and keep ourselves safe from the Covid-19 virus. Let’s not forget to support our hero’s who are risking their life’s everyday to safe our families and love ones. We can support them by STAYING HOME! We can support them by saying THANK YOU! We can support them by showing some LOVE to their family and children.

Thanks to every First Responders, Nurse, Doctor, Lab Tech, Health Care Administration, and Police Officer for your bravery and strength in this time!

Let’s Support Each Other! Let’s Check In !

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