Quote of the Day – January 23rd

It’s so easy for us to judge other based on the clothing, the lifestyle, the business, our job, title and even the people we surround ourselves with.

Why Judge?

  1. Does it bring you satisfaction?
  2. Does it brings you joy?
  3. Can you honestly say you are happy after judging someone without a full knowledge of the situation?

It’s easy for us to judge from a distance, because everything from a distance seem wrong, complicated and the “oh I can’t believe she/he would”.

But have you ever stopped to think, wait what the reason behind this choice ? What’s the reason behind this new job ? What’s the reason behind this new business ?

You can’t judge someone for the choice they make because you don’t understand the reason behind the decision.

Behind you judge and criticize today thing! Stop! reassess the decision your about to make before you think / do something you regret!

Happy Thursday!

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