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Master Your Financials For Entrepreneur – Episode 41

Today’s topic is one that is very close to our guest heart, Amanda Abella. Our guest have worked with many bloggers and millennials with a side hustle to increase their financial wealth.

Financial wealth is a topic I am passionate about, while it can get very intimidating for many side hustlers and even business owners. It’s very important for the growth and financial freedom businesses are trying to achieve.

In today’s episode we’re digging into how entrepreneurs, millennials and side hustlers can grow their business financially. You will learn from Amanda past students experience. So, if you are a side hustler who’s ready to transition into a full time entrepreneur this week’s episode will provide you with the resources and tips to transition.

Amanda Abella our guest joining the conversation in this week’s episode is a Latina Millennials Finance Expert who have created an online community where millennials can learn how to make money online and actually enjoy their financial journeys. Amanda is featured in Forbes, the Huffington Post, Inc Magazine and Business Insider.

Amanda launched her Amazon bestselling book, Make Money Your Honey: A Spirited Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having a Love Affair with Work & Money which has been featured in Yahoo Finance and Seventeen Magazine. The book has also appeared on top business and many finance podcast.

So, are you ready to shift your financial journey ? Then you have to listen to this weeks episode.

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Here’s what you will learn in this week’s episode with guest Amanda Abella.

    Importance of finding a coach and a coach who have produced results.
    Getting over your fear of investment.
    Understanding that sales will not take place with wrong pricing.
    Having a clear understanding of your target market.

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